To my Unborn Child: FAQ

What is the cost to bring To My Unborn Child to your area?

For A Production within a professional Theatre house, To My Unborn Child: A Love Letter From Fred Hampton pay scale should be based upon an equity scale contract appropriate to that particular theatre and can also be discussed between the performer and the establishment

Colleges, Universities and any educational Institution we typically ask for a base honorarium range of 1300.00-1900.00. (Rates can be reduced based upon needs)

We ask that travel and lodging (if needed) be covered by the client if the performance venue is 50 miles outside of Philadelphia. (This also is negatable)

What set pieces are needed to mount this production?

We can supply the majority of the props.

What we would ask for you to provide are 2 small end tables, a wooden chair and a small cot. If some of these items aren’t available this should discussed immediately so that a plan can be put in place to reconfigure the show

Stage Set Up

Technical Script

Study Guide

Full Sound Plot

Link to Sound Files (Cue Lab 4)

Alternate Sound Files (Request access here)